a cleaning service
                                                                                          with a social conscience


                                                                                          We have always paid our employees $15 for job time plus vacation pay and bonuses because our employees come first.



                                                                                          10% of our profits go towards organizing community assistance projects in Toronto through Clear Cause.


                                                                                          friend to the

                                                                                          We use all 100% vegan, natural, biodegradable, hypoallergenic, environmentally friendly products.



                                                                                          Home Cleaner Talking to Client

                                                                                          Maintenance Cleaning

                                                                                          Our most popular cleaning. Whether it is weekly, biweekly, triweekly, or monthly, you can count on us to keep your home consistently clean and tidy so that you can focus on what’s most important.

                                                                                          Moving In Home Cleaning

                                                                                          Move-in Cleaning

                                                                                          Make your move hassle-free and leave the cleaning to us. We will get your home move-in ready so that even the most out of the way areas sparkle shine. Top of the door jam? We got it! Underneath the oven? No problem.

                                                                                          Clean Kitchen for Home Sale

                                                                                          Cleaning for Property Sale

                                                                                          We make your home magazine ready with a focus on what people look for when buying a home. Get the biggest shine and the biggest “WOW” factor to maximize the return on your largest investment.

                                                                                          Renovation Completed Cleaning

                                                                                          Post-renovation Cleaning

                                                                                          The hard work is done and now all that remains is to highlight your new masterpiece. Let us remove those paint spots from the floor and wash the sawdust off of your walls and ceilings so you can breathe easy.

                                                                                          CALL 647.521.5328 FOR YOUR FREE ESTIMATE

                                                                                          THE CLEAR CHOICE FOR

                                                                                          RESPONSIBLE CLEANING

                                                                                          High quality cleaning service stamp
                                                                                          Satisfied customers stamp
                                                                                          Nontoxic biodegradable cleaning products

                                                                                          We take pride in our work and offer you many reasons to make the switch to an ethical cleaning service:

                                                                                          1.    We offer our clients peace of mind and satisfaction knowing that their purchasing decisions are having a positive social effect for survivors of domestic abuse, the community, and the environment.

                                                                                          2.    Our price is on the low end of the highest rated reputable cleaning services.

                                                                                          3.    We are meticulous in our attention to detail.

                                                                                          4.    We are insured to protect your valuables.

                                                                                          5.    We bring our own supplies and equipment.

                                                                                          FULL SCHEDULE?
                                                                                          LEAVE THE CLEANING
                                                                                          TO US!

                                                                                          HOSTED A PARTY?
                                                                                          LEAVE THE CLEANING
                                                                                          TO US!

                                                                                          LEAVE THE CLEANING
                                                                                          TO US!

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